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Plaza Hotel - New York 1977 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on December 15, 2008 - 8:01am


Rare 8mm home movie footage of Led Zeppelin at the Plaza Hotel in New York - June 1977. 

Is Mobile Content: 
Madison Square Garden - June 7, 1977
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Cherry's picture

I Love Roberts Voice In This Song.
What A Wonderful Song It Is.
Best Band In The World.
Well To Me.

But Anyways.

Paneeks / Boston's picture

John Bindon directing trouble, Richard Cole walking across the street making sure he coast was clear for the boys, Robert being friendly per usual and signing for the fans. Just your average sunny day in June at the Plaza hotel in Manhattan, NY. This footage was taken thirty three years ago and when you watch it it looks like it could have taken place last summer. Oh, I was trying to catch a glimpse of my favorite band this very week but I was not successful. I did see three of the six shows at the Garden but thats all I saw at the Plaza Hotel was lots of fans waiting around with records to sign. Thanks for the fantastic footage.

Rebecca's picture

Led Zeppelin was not on my main plate growing up in the seventies. I listened to them peripherally. I picked up a four disc set of LZ that was squirreled away inside the house. It's 2010 and I have been on an LZ jagfest for over a month. The band was unbelievably talented. Robert Plant's voice was a magnificent instrument. The talent of the other 3 members is unsurpassed I find anywhere. I wish I had been able to appreciate them more when I was younger. ...But hey, that is the beauty of music, it is timeless.

I would have to say they are the best rock band that ever played. When Robert stated the band died with Jon, that's the way it should be. However in their day and now they are the masters.

It is sheer joy to listen to a Led Zeppelin song. - R

Kelly's picture

haha i love how Robert just struts his stuff in his awesome glasses!

Isabel Brocket's picture

My G-d ; Were we all only 16 ?!!!
I remember that concert as if it xere last.summer, well , almost
I d just finished my first yr. @ SUNY @ Stoneybrook ; a " geeky " pre- med. My absolutely gorgeous boyfriend sine Kennefy High, Bib Bies & his older sister got tickrts to all the best concerts & of COURSE I Was THERE !!!!!
It was THE BEST Concert of that year; with the possible
, no, it was the " other " best concert";
Hendrix @ Concerts West ; that was a much dmaller venue & audience & U didn't need a " joint " of UR oen; jyst breathing did it ; but that sultry summer's night @ Madison Sq. W/ The other Jimmy & Robert; that's something that's remained with me & not in the back of my mind , to this day.
It just f-;'@&( rocked.!!!!!!!!!! My home town to its core.
That summer , I had no idea that within a yr. Id become one of Elites first supermodels, have a 3 film contract with Columbia Pictures & have me looking at me all over NYC.
Nor could I know in that crazy paced life, that id settle in the country just north of London, marry an English aristo. ; Lord Charles Brocket aka Charlie. & start hsving babies; our first Son & hier ; Alex , b. in Sept. , jyst 5/6 summers later .
Life IS stanger than fiction.

john champagne's picture

hes a legend in his own time lets not forget bonzo!

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