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Oakland 7-23-77 (8mm)

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on March 20, 2013 - 1:11pm

Rare Super-8 fan footage (w/sound) from Oakland, July 23, 1977.

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Alameda County Coliseum - July 23, 1977
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I was at The Day on the Green Oakland Coliseum on 23 July 1977.  I was 18 yo. This was my 1st. concert. Amazing experience. Like many, I wished more songs could have been sung. Forever a part of rock history!

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this was my first concert I was 20 feet or so from the stage got some pictures I'll copy and post. Myself and my friend James Karim got in before the show through rock med but got kick out for not having the shirt crap, but was cool. we came with ten others in a motorhome parked across the street and was first in line ended up giving my ticket to the ticket guy but with I would of keep it think if you where in the first couple hundred people no tickets were needed lol

darvin rodrigues's picture

  I loved it, one of the better days of my life..

Brooks's picture

much thanks to the film crew... great vibe on this document

MikeLeach's picture

I looked and looked for me and my friends, couldn't find us...but I was there!

This vid brought back very strong memories,

and an ache in my belly for what was but will never be again.

Thank you to the camera man for this!

Still my fav band of all time...."it is not just they are the best,

but that they are just so much better than whoever is number two."

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