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NY 7/29/73 (Dazed & Confused) 8mm Film

srapallo's picture
on April 28, 2008 - 3:35pm


Rare 8mm footage (side-stage) of Led Zeppelin performing "Dazed in Confused" in New York, July 29, 1973.

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Madison Square Garden - July 29, 1973
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gian paolo's picture

Killer sound from a killer drummer. John Bonham rules! Forza Bonzo!

sondra's picture

everytime i watch this , i still say no one is as good as jimmy....
he does the greatest things with a guitar...
keep rockin jimmy....

paolo's picture

thank you endlessly for your music!

stephen dupree's picture

I can only say I wish I saw them in concert, what in god's name was I thinking.

Giancarlo Ballo's picture

Simply wonderful, forever & ever...

Nameterry's picture

so sorry to see them go one of the best!!

jordan's picture

Who is the today's equivalent of J. Page. That's my point. The grim fact is hauntingly obvious and irrefutable. Music is dying. The imposter we are forcefed today is all ye need. What to do? Any suggestions??

Jimmy Friday's picture

Page is the reason the guitar was created and he proves it every time he plays. It's amazing.

Jimmy's picture

Its a pity that the re-release of the movie couldn't of contained some of the original Joe Massot footage, or how the band was prohibited from ALTERING the visuals in any way shape or form. Some of this home movie footage would of made great easter eggs on the DVD

Orlando Sandoval 's picture

Simplemente Un Excelente Video !!!

Aldo's picture

THE ultimate guitar solo!!!!! Thanx Jimmy

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