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NY 6-10-77 (8mm film)

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on January 7, 2009 - 6:37pm


Led Zeppelin live concert film clips, New York, June 10, 1977. (courtesy: J.Peterson)

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Madison Square Garden - June 10, 1977
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Does anybody remember the week of these Zeppelin shows in NYC? The whole city was taken over by Zeppelin fanatics. I remember bumping into fellow fans in eating places and the record stores for blocks away. It was a great feeling being a teen and also being surrounded by Blimp Mania. I saved the Daily News articles as well as my ticket stubs, jerseys and program. the radio station WPLJ gave out a button at the ticket gates of Madison Square Garden. I saw three shows out of the six and when the lights went down the first night I remember questioning the reality of the evening. I actually could not believe that my favorite band was going to walk out on stage. It was every bit that you could ever imagine and more. I remember it being extremely loud but also note for note/vocal for vocal was clear as a bell. Robert's voice was on the money every night. The video clips bring back so many great memories. When Zeppelin came to town it was not just a concert it was an event. To think they would still have the drawing power all these years later is amazing.

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I was there, I'll never forget!! Zep will always be #1.

LedZepWasMySchoolOfRock's picture

I was 12 yo, 2nd time I tried pot. We sat next to some college girls that thought it was so cute to see a 12yo smoke. We were high. I remember Page's bow solo, he started jamming on Hendrix' Star-spangled banner. I remember Bonham's solo, and even being 3/4 across the garden, I can still remember the feeling that came over me when I realized HE WAS PLAYING WITH HIS HANDS !!

Dave's picture

My one and only zep US concert paid for by the Royal Navy!!!!

mark antonelli's picture

never seen the greatest band ever

i love your web page

george denny's picture

$10.50 for a mail in ticket; section 110, seat 5 PRICELESS!!! still the best concert that I ever saw!!! thanks to the band for a great show, great music and many, many awesome memories. first album bought was Zoso in 1973

Kari's picture

I loveeee this song. it's kickass.

Nancy's picture

I was there. I remember what I was wearing, getting to my seat and the big doobies going around. That's about all I remember

Beaners's picture

I was lucky enough to have seen 3 of the 7 nights, the final night was 4 hours of BLISS!

Ian's picture

Brought back memories from that night. Unforgettable show. Thank you.

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Erik's picture

WOW! Led Zeppelin rocks. There truely the greatest band to ever walk the earth, and i dont mean that as an opinion, i mean that by a fact. There live shows and studio albums, the raunchiness, the sex appeal, the controversy, the superstardom, and the mystery that is Led Zeppelin all fits into one category and that is the hammer of the gods. I dont just like one or two songs, i like them all. I believe in my philosophy that Robert Plant has the most orgasmic and greatest voice too ever be heard, the mystery of Jimmy Page and the most wickedist man to ever hold a guitar, the the keyboard wizard and absolutely greatest person too ever hold a bass John Paul Jones, and of course the greatest drummer ever the late John Bonham "bonzo" are the four pieces of a puzzle that made rock so big. Led Zeppelin is truely the greatest band ever. Bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Rush, Guns N Roses, and more cannot compare to Zeppelin. My dadwas lucky enough to see them at this show and he was going to see them in 1980 but didnt. Led Zeppelin will live forever.

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I won 2 tickets on WPLJ 2nd row from the stage. I had a great time! It was awesome! I remember someone throwing a firecracker on stage and almost injuring the quitarist. Robert Plant said he would get off the stage and stop playing, if it happened again! I had the best time in my life! I still to this day remeber this concert! Led Zeppelin will always be my favorite rock bands!!

Kevin E.'s picture

My 1st concert was June 7, 1977 seeing Led Zeppelin @ MSG.
It's been down hill ever since.

Thank you everyone, who posted information about this pivotal day in my life. I still have my stub and WPLJ button.
I sat in "Blue Heaven"section 410, row G. Moved around alot, loved it.

brucethekingcuster's picture

15 years old, first Zep show, $10 printed, $40 scalped in advance, beers at the Blarney Stone first, something to smoke, lights up at end lingering, roadie throws some drumsticks into the seats, ran and bent and grabbed one in the middle and yanked from guy with hands on both ends. Engraved on stick: John Bonham.

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This is so cool to find this video. This was my first concert. I remember only being able to get tickets by mail and their was a 6 ticket limit. I think it was the last American tour with Bohnam (i might be wrong)

Name's picture

This also was my first concert ever; the six-ticket linit via mail order is corect, but Bonham died in Sept. 80, or some time around then, and Zep toured in eary 80.

My friends and I did the mail-order thing for shows in late 80, unfortunately our money was refunded because of Bonham's death.

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