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New York - June 1977 (various 8mm)

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on December 15, 2008 - 7:59am


Rare Led Zeppelin concert footage from New York's Madison Square Garden, June 1977. 

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Madison Square Garden - June 7, 1977
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I was at show 4.Jack Sundell 

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1977 We had to mail into a radio station for tickets which were first come, first serve. My sister Debbie mailed in. We were thrilled to get tickets.  It wasn't until the night of the show atcMadison Square Garden that we realized the tickets were on the floor 22nd row from the stage! I had made a poster on a bedsheet that read "Led Zeppelin,  New York Loves You!" . We stood up on our folding chairs and spread the sheet out over all our heads to the cheers of the entire Madison Square Garden.  People were throwing down firecrackers from the upper levels. The lights went out, Zeppelin came exploding onstage, and people passed joints. We all stood on our chairs throughout the concert. It was magical! Best concert I've ever been to.♡♡♡ Still my favorite band all these years♡♡♡

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I will never forget it..My friend and I scalped a front row center pr.of tickets for $250.00 ea. That was alot of $ in those days..But worth every penny. I Still have the stub (orchestra... Sec.R- Row-1 Seat-1..) It was unreal...I was 17 and seeing Zeppelin in NYC...Best show by far I ever saw. But my ears rang for a couple of days it was loud down there! Those were the days..

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excellent video,it brings back that magical summer when I was 16,what a blast

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was there one of the six days, can't remember whitch one! I was just 15yrs old, me and pete (Dots) first time in city without adult! awsome expierence

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I had just turned 16 when my 2 best friends and I scored floor seats to the this show. I loved loved loved Zeppelin then, and now, and to this day, it is one of the best shows I've ever seen, and the one concert that never fails to elicit true envy from those I tell about it. Favorite memory: Plant singing Kashmir under a twisting, green laser pyramid. Now, I admit to having consumed a certain chemical compound-drenched sugar cube prior to the show, but I'm sure it was green. Or was it blue... The cherry bombs tossed all around us were definitely real! Loved every second. Thank you, LZ.

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I was 16 and this was my first concert! The down side is that no other concert ever measured up to this concert!! Kashmir, the laser triangle, Plant jumping off the speaker! Wow, what a show! I remember the fireworks too and as a kid wondering why anyone would do that...I was afraid they were going to walk off the stage and not do the show! C'mon, a 16yo in NYC to see Zeppelin! What's better than that!! Thanks for memories guys...FANTASTIC! My daughters friends asked what I thought of Zeppelin....I told them I saw them at the Garden and for a day I was god......

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The first time I heard Led Zeppelin about 20 years ago(1991) I became a musician. I taught myself how to play guitar,bass,sing, and of course play drums, all with LED ZEPPELIN in the backround playing LOUD! I am a very inspired by each member of LED ZEPPELIN!!! THANK YOU JIMMY PAGE THANK YOU JOHN PAUL JONES THANK YOU ROBERT PLANT THANK YOU JOHN BONHAM(R.I.P) Without you guys I wouldn't have learned how to GET THE LED OUT YOU WILL FOREVER ROCK \m/

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i was there opening night, i was 16 and had a first date with a hot girl. we got to our nosebleed seats and i said lets sneak down front, she said no and i said SEE YA! i got all the way down right in front of jimmy. it was phenomenal! a religious experience! it changed my life! that girl never talked to me again, i didnt care. there have been many girls since then and many concerts, but only one led zeppelin. LONG LIVE LED ZEPPELIN, LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL!

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I was 16 in on 6/7/77, and attended the opening night show of Led Zep @ MSG. It was my 1st concert. I clearly remember Robert Plant saying "Does anyone remember forests?" instead of laughter that night. I wonder if anyone else remembers...

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I truly remember that line, since the album, "The Song Remains the Same," was out for a little while and that particular line during Stairway to Heaven LIVE also at MSG, was one of the anticipated events of the evening!  I heard that Plant said something different every night in NY that year and it MUST be true because I was fortunate enough to have also been there on the last night, 6/13, when during this song he just said, "Does anybody . . ?"  Best Memories of 6/7 - opening night: After 70 minutes of anticipation, the lights going out and the ROAR of the crowd and then a blinding light during Page's opening riff for the first song, "the Song Remains the Same!" and the stage just exploding in light & sound!  Also, Kashmir, Page's & Bonzo's solos, Jones' eerie organ playing during No Quarter, and of course, Stairway (during which my girlfriend went to the bathroom DURING this song and when I tried to STOP her she looked at me clueless, like, "so what?"  Needless to say, we didn't last very long as a couple!!)  But this was one of the BEST memories I have - EVER!  (The fact that I was 16 & on several hits of "THC" which was REALLY Special K only they didn't call it that back then, MIGHT have had something to do with it!).  But seriously, I thought I saw GOD!!!

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