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New York 6/14/77 (WLL / R&R) 8mm Film

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on December 15, 2008 - 7:57am

Led Zeppelin performing "Whole Lotta Love / Rock and Roll" in New York's Madison Square Garden, June 14, 1977.

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Madison Square Garden - June 14, 1977
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Milo's picture

Rock and roll Gods thats all there is to it...

Troy Amuso's picture

Led Zeppelin, June 1977 Madison Square Garden! A night I will never forget! Being in the same space with Led Zeppelin, WOW it was amazing!
Magical, Mystical, Surreal and Powerful..never short of total "Flash"!!
They were and always will be, the Pinnacle of Rock & Roll and beyond!
...They are "The Mighty Led Zeppelin!

Paneeks's picture

I was actually at the June 13th {performance 5 out of 6} and this exact show on the 14th as well. The June 13th show was awesome even though I was waaaaayyyy way up in the blue seats in the Garden {Madison Square}. But the next night my cousin and I got scalper tickets {$40.00 a piece} and we were on the floor in the red seats. Now this show totally blew me away. I remember John Bohnam's drum solo and the crystal ball up on the ceiling of the Garden during "Stairway" quite vividly. Every concert that I went to after those just did not match up to Led Zeppelin and I saw a ton of shows! They were better then everyone in every aspect of rock and roll. They were m-a-g-i-c-a-l-l-y talented and then some. . .

lloyd 's picture

my first concert, unfortunatlly didn't know much about zeppelin, but what i do remember that the garden was rock n and the fact that someone through firecrackers onstage than zep walked off the stage and almost didn't come back out

LARRYLOVE's picture

i was at the first and 5th night of the 1977 shows,n have the ticket stubs 2 prove it. no one will ever come close to the MIGHTY AND POWERFUL LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!!! long live the kings!!

Burr's picture

"A night with Led Zeppelin". I was getting ready to take my 3r yr NYS regents exams. My best friend (Troy) and I we lucky enough to get ticketts to the show. We had to mail in the the request form (from the news paper) and wait to see if we had ticketts. SCORE!! We had em. What an awsome show. Remember when Page played the solo from "Since Iv'e been loving you" under the pyramid of laser light?? Remember him using the bow on his 1959 Gibson Sunburst LesPaul? I do! Dang. I cant believe that I'm 52 now. Shit. It doesn't matter. These guys still rock!!!!!!!!!!!

kevin's picture

soooooo awesome

BEN's picture

unbelievable, led zeppelin forever

Terrance Tate's picture

I was at this show. It was awesome. James Brown was in the audience the same night with Ester Rolle from the TV series Good Times........That was a weird thing, but the band was great.

mike iaia's picture

i was there now at fiftytwo years old it still brings a chill and my blood to boil

Mark F.'s picture

For those of us that were really there we all remember the fireworks and Jimmy's injury....scary for a moment!.... Led Zeppelin- There will never be another band even close to them on a live stage ever again!

Doug Turet's picture

Hey, Troy (and Burr!), 


How cool to see other FLHS'ers represented here, all these years later!  As I've just posted elsewhere (above), that was one of the greatest nights of my life. It's made all the greater by the knowledge that you guys were there to experience it, too -- not to mention, learning that it had the same mesmerizing effect on you guys, too! 

Burr's picture

I still have the T-shirt from that night.......

Good times,


Jimmy's picture

Hey Guys,

I was 16, was and still am from NJ. Vividly remember before the weed riding the bus from East Rutherford then walking to the Garden. There were some nerdy kids on the bus asking us if we were going to see Beatlemania. We snicked and said, no man, we're going to see Zep! It was my dear friend George, his sister Jana and her friend Lisa. We also had cheap seats, I think red tickets, way in the back. I remember them being painfully loud but good. To give you an idea of how loud they were....we stepped out to buy some beer...yeah 16 and they sold us was only George, my self and another couple about 50 yards away. When they started Kashmir, the building actually shook, I remember the 4 of us stumbling and I actually remember holding on the the wall to catch myself from falling. We walked in and there were these incredibly bright white lights shooting straight up from the front of the stage. wow. Zep I though. We left the show early because people started throwing beer bottles from the upper tier into our area. A few people got hit. Not cool. Near the end of the show it had actually gotten uncomfortable loud. This was the night that Page got hit with an ash can that blew up on his hand. He walked off stage. I could go on and on. We heard them play Rock and Roll from the street. I was there.


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