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New York 6/14/77 (TSRTS / S.A.) 8mm film

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on December 15, 2008 - 7:56am

Led Zeppelin concert film performing "The Song Remains the Same" and "Sick Again" in New York's Madison Square Garden, June 14, 1977.

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Madison Square Garden - June 14, 1977
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Gerard Teresi's picture

Posted 12-12-09

I will never forget this show as long as I live! It was the first concert I ever attended. I just graduated the 8th grade and my older brother John
took me to this show as a gift. I will always remeber Page bending those strings and the powerful and wide ranged voice of Robert Plant.
I don't think I know we will never see another band as great as the mighty Led Zeppelin. They are still my favorite band till this day.

Thanks to my brother John!!

Ettore's picture

I've heard this set before; with TSRTS leading into Sick Again. I wondered how Jimmy switched instruments, but as it seems, he used the doubleneck for both songs.

Richard Martinez's picture

This era/epoch of Led Zeppelin's sound is,I feel,one of the most overlooked and under appreciated(along with 1980).I feel that Bonzo's choice of stainless steel drums has something to do with it.Jones's 8-string Alembic and Plant's near death experience figure largely also into the sound.I am not technical enough to go into Page's amp-config(choice of tubes,bypass,effects and tunings) but,the crisp reverberating tone of those stainless steel drums are a lot!
This is the greatest band the world has ever seen and we're not likely to see another like it at least in our lifetime!

Rick's picture

Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest bands of all time, their music is timeless and there may never be another band like them.

Thanks Led for all the great Rock and Roll music you put out!

Hamish's picture

bloody hell i love this one!!no wonder nobody can touch jimmy page!!big thanks to the guy who fimed it.

Hamish's picture

just wanted to add after watching it again that this is probably my favourite bit of zepp footage ever,god i wish id been there.

Terrance james's picture

This shows Jimmy at some of his Best showmanship' a 12year old seeing this in MPLS 4-12-77 i was completely blown away and became even more so attracted to the Guitar. It was pretty much that eve of April 12th 1977 that i told myself "There is some great avenues to persue BY playing the Guitar" I did and nearly achieved many of those dreams/goals yet' the Money/financial security has always eluded me! but' Is it not the Climb that is Most rerwarding opposed to sitting on top? ... Being a'top surely is'nt so bad neither yet' I can't say... allthough to me i currently seem/feel quite idle' It may just be that i am again Climbing without realizing it!" ha
ha ... * i once was in a MPLS,MN Band called "Run Westy Run" [you can look us up etc...] for nearly the same number of yrs as Zep 12yrs ... But' Yes Led Zeppelin were one of ' if not thee best Live bands ever ...even as they Often were Quite Loose! they always pulled it together eventually and it was there ability to Spontaneously take there songs to the brink of Kaos while retaining the structure. Seemingly so' whenever they wished too' they could and Did play the songs to the Tee or the nines as some say. But' I most enjoyed there Ad'Libbing! Besides i've see from experience' playing the same songs over n over can become very dull and to ad'lib enables the musicians to again find Discovery! ...yes they are quite the Entertainers.

charlie cox's picture

What a night this was as I was able to go see them 4 of the 6 nights back in NYC June 7,8,13,14,1977......still have photos,WPLJ buttons,ticketstubs and T-shirts.

Joe's picture

I was there. It was very loud, but crystal clear.  Drums sounded awesome.  The concert was marred by M-80's being set off.  Also the concert went longer than the trains to leave, so I had to walk out. It was a once in a life time concert.

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