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Montreux - August 1971 (16mm film)

srapallo's picture
on May 19, 2009 - 11:01am


Rare 16mm newsreel footage of Led Zeppelin in Montreux, Switzerland 1971.

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Montreux Casino - August 8, 1971
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johny hoosier's picture

why the hell is everyone chewing gum like grazing cattle?

David's picture

I love to see footage like this, makes me wish I was born soon enough to follow them around the world.

Annie's picture

the last like, 20 seconds..omg <3

Ishmael's picture

Led Zeppelin really rocks man, I really love them from the very beginning I really think they are awesome. Everytime I hear them, they make me feel like rocking no-matter what! they are simply the best of all...

Waldi's picture

Baby since I've been loving you - To my wife

Alfredo Cesar T. de Oliveira's picture

Evidentemente, para quem tem 52 anos, e ouviu rock nos anos 70 o Led foi e continuará sendo a mais espetacular banda de rock de todos os tempos. Espero que ainda possam fazer uma turne mundial e que possam vir ao Brasil brindar com sua música os fans brasileiro.
Pant e Page estiveram no Brasil (Rio) em 1996, mas não pude ir por absoluta falta de dinheiro... não me conformo até os dia de hoje. Quem sabe uma vez mais eles possam voltar já que Jimmy Page tem uma forte relação com o Rio de Janeiro. Nunca é tarde dizer um até breve.

Nirvana's picture

son unos dioses LED ZEPPELIN LOS MEJORES! los amo

Annie's picture

I totally agree! most people now just dont get it...Like most people my age don't know what real music is..Zeppelin are GODS...I want a magical time traveling DeLorean so I can go see

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