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MOJO Awards 'Best Live Act' 2008 - Acceptance Speech

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on June 18, 2008 - 1:56pm
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JIMMY MANNO's picture

Jimmy Page is the best...

JimmyPageFan's picture

Yeah! good job led zep, u totally deserve it. and good job jason too :)
we luv u

Eric's picture

Congrats led zep, Most deserved. Hands down best band ever.

oscar Jimenez's picture

What can I say? It's refreshing to see my band alive. I met Jimmy in Philadelphia and Jones in the late 90s. Hammer of the only Gods.

Antonio Albagli's picture

It is so touching to see such humanity, complex and even at times evidently unconfortable to them, the survivors of the greatest and the saddest in rock history. Carry no burden, no guilt. May our gratitude be the reflection of your generous inspiration and legacy.

geir ralle's picture

Bloody brilliant to see Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones picking up this great price!! Remember Led Zeppelin are the greatest rock,n roll band ever in my mind. Keep on rocking, and god bless.

Kiran's picture

So cool seeing Page & Jones together



Arthur's picture

When I heard the band from the first time to travelling from Boston, MA, USA, to the O2, it still makes me believe that there is a higher power.

Thank You!

God Bless.

Rocktalban's picture

Led Zeppelin; Thank YOU. You have transported me into the world of rock like no one could, I absolutely love Led Zeppelin, the best band ever conceived.

ZEP4E's picture

Robert, the rest of the band has been rehearsing and a few million people in the USA are waiting for you to say yes. Dont let the people down who made you what you are !!!

JackMeister's picture

Good music stems from a place where spirit and body coalesce....from inside...the heart, the mind the interweaving of spirit with human ability to produce a sound that strikes abeat in the ears and souls of the listener.

ahh, some do it better than's a band that weaves lyric with sound in a bombastic manner that rings true on so many diffeent scales and levels; the joy it makes in my heart of tune-age. So many styles and directions of musical force. I'm a sincere fan !

It makes me glad to be born in a time where I could enjoy it, and witness it. I've only seen Jimmy, John, and Jason..on separate tours. I know the presence of greatness when it affronts me on a stage.

Thank you for the memories. "Cheers"

when can we expect to view the ahmet gig on DVD? I couldn't leave the states, to visit London that nite. But I was there in spirit.

Mariana's picture

Jimmy Page is the best, the most brilliant and most amazing guitarist of this world, a genius! He´s really magical! The unexpected melodies and solos, that only he knows how to do, the chords, arrangements, all so harmonious, so perfect ... Jimmy is unique, he´s the only one. And he is the most handsome man of the world! Jimmy Page, I love you!

Led Zeppelin is great, and although I was not in the O2 Arena, in the historic and most important show in recent times, I knew that the presentation would be great, like Led Zeppelin always used to do. A great chance and a gift for people like me, who might not have even been alive when the band finished. The simple fact of hearing the announcement that they would do a show already warmed my heart. I was happy with the return of Led Zeppelin on stage that day, but I was sad because I knew that I could not go, and only see them on the videos.

The presentation showed that the band remains the same and that Led Zeppelin still rocks and always will be there for those who know where to look for. Their role is to rock!

Thank you, Led Zeppelin, you are the best!

And... just one more time: Jimmy Page, I love you!!!

hobatan's picture

best band ever

Aaron Hadsock's picture

I've got to admit, there are very few 'live' bands who would ever fit the description as being 'The Best', and Zeppelin definitely fit's that description!


I am so in love with Jimmy Page. I don't think most people realize it, but this man is the greatest musician-composer-arranger-producer that exists in our time. In future time, he will be looked upon much like Mozart, etc. I want him to produce my first record.

Benjamin's picture

I've never seen them. And I won't :( I'm only 15

zeptangerine's picture

Way to go Jonesy for speaking up and getting in a full sentence this time around! As always, a pleasure to see Jimmy & JP win yet another useless magazine award so they can use it as a door prop to let the cats out at night.

ps- I like seeing Jimmy and John Paul treated like Rock Royalty, which they most sincerely deserve.

jimmyzepp1's picture

Tuly the GREATEST ROCK BAND a band that did it all themselfs no songwriters no studio musicians no big producers I long to meet at least on member before i;m IN MY TIME OF DYING

Justin Case's picture


Carlos Henrique's picture

To a Band that has defined my whole life.

Darren Edwards's picture

The pressure was on Jason. He had too much to live up to, but he pulled it off. He was spot on. Now come to LA!

rubberduck's picture

THE greatest rock band ever, no one else comes close. I remember back in the early 70's LZ came to the old Montreal forum, i was a teenager at the time and i didn't go cause i was scared of all the pot smokers smoking during the concert... !! Boy did i regret it afterwards. Needless to say i have all there soundtracks.

Ian 's picture

thanks to jason bonham for helping to bring a very beautiful thing together . com`on robert it`s time to boogie again with stu

Philly's picture

I first saw them Sept 04/71 in Toronto & they set me on my musical path. Seeing them again in '75 & '77 only confirmed to me that I was seeing history being made. I only wish I could have been there in Dec'07. Come on lads lets play a world tour one more time.

Hayden James Wilson's picture

I Love Led Zeppelin! I think they are the greatest band in the world..but for me and many fans around the world never seen them perform live .It is my life long dream and I'm sure many others to see them in person. so i really really hope they have a reunion tour soon.

SuziQ from Cincinnati's picture

It was fun watching Jimmy Page (sigh).

Greg Dawson's picture

I am 46 and from the U.S.A., I have since a child had a passion for Led Zepplin's soul pounding music. I never saw the band in person, but I have seen Plant and Page on tour in Virginia Beach, Va., Robert Plant and Allison Kraus in Raleigh NC in 2008 and Jason Bonham in Raleigh, NC and at Atlantic Beach, NC. I had the oppurtunity to hang out with Jason and talked to him about his dad and The Band. His passion overtook him in Raleigh that night when he teared up after I told him his dad would be proud of his musical abilities and that someday the stars would align and his dad would again play with Led Zepplin through him. My daughter Logan was named after Robert Plants son Logan. My daughter and I saw him in Raleigh in 2008, and snuck the only poster in, that was there. It read, Logan, with her big red heart drawn, Robert Plant. We were on the 5th row Isle seat and Robert Plant read the poster and even pointed it out to Allison Kraus during a song, then he waved at my lil Logan who was then 8 yrs. old. She ask me regularly if he will keep performing and I always tell her he will probably remember her and her poster and that will give him the desire to keep on.
I just feel that John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant are amoung the best in the world at what they do, but when their together, even 30 years later, they would become Gods in a sense that no others could obtain, and don't forget what John Bonham helped bring into this world, "Jason Bonham" the perfect missing piece for Led Zepplin to return.
I still hope for them to reunite and show the world that indiffrences and personal agendas can be put aside sometimes for things bigger than ones owns desires. Make it right guys before its not possible.
Peace & Love, Greg

folsomite's picture

Just as everybody has stated the obvious, bar none Zep is simply the best by a mile!

froggy's picture

What can I or anyone else really say about Led Zeppelin except "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" You not only made my childhood, teenage, and adult years ROCK!, but they also ROLLED like a son of a bitch too!!!!!!!!


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