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Landover 1975

srapallo's picture
on May 9, 2010 - 10:26am


8mm fan footage of Led Zeppelin live in Landover, Maryland 1975

Is Mobile Content: 
Capital Centre - February 10, 1975
Video Timeline: 


Anna's picture

I was there.  I was a senior in high school.  Capital Center was still fairly new at the time and everyone loved it.  I remember it was a fairly long concert.  The air was so thick of smoke (you could smoke inside in those days and I don't mean cigarettes!).  Everyone around me was smoking and all I could think of was my parents were not going to believe me if they could smell it on me when I got home. And I did not even smoke!  It was a great night.  No other "long haired" band interested me at all.  Robert Plant's voice still gives me goose pumps.  Anna in Maryland, 2016.

Msneeter's picture

    I was at this concert and even though I may have been "impressional", I was 17, I was so intrigued by Robert Plant. The entire band was amazing, but Robert was absolutely HOT. The bozo that did the critique on the concert must not like anything that matters, he probably is going to vote for donald trump, AND trump will lose. Getting back to the concert, the music was not only clean, honest, it had the ability to reach deep in your soul and pull apart of it out, I am looking for that missing piece.

Kurt Lankenau's picture

Been there done that....what a great night and a great memory thx.

Bruno Duguay's picture

ces merveilleux de voire du led zeppellin en action,avec autand de facilliter et de volonte.vivre led zeppellin.Ca rappelle les plus beaux moments de ma vie.Et que ca continue de faire vivre des souvenirs comme ca.

Tim Allen's picture

I remember sleeping out at Montgomery Mall just to get tickets when the Ticket Master opended the following day. It was such a thrill to see these guys during one of their best tours. What a fantastic show!

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