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L.A. 3.25.75 - Trampled Underfoot

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on May 9, 2010 - 11:06am


Live film of Led Zeppelin performing Trampled Underfoot, live in Los Angeles March 25, 1975.

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The Forum - March 25, 1975
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Robert IS the true rock God!!! He looks just awesome!

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very-very like it......ledzeppelin

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Led zeppelin remains the great band of all time

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Without Led Zeppelin is not Life

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Saw Robert recently at the Fox in Atlanta (Feb. 2011). He blew me away.I LOVE Jimmy Page. You guys kinda scared me as I was coming up in the 70's cause of how sexually charged the music was but I've always liked it. I like how Robert has toned it down a bit now with the country type stuff although he's still a bit of a tease, now, musically =) YOU STILL HAVE IT!!!! I LOVED Monkey....Actually Jon Bonham and my husband "met" at the Rainbow in LA back in the 70s. John was trying to shop a tape with Peter Grant (was with David Foster during the Wildflower days, played with Ambrosia, played with Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot originally and was out there with members from their band Coventry, then. I think Jay Jensen got them in (from Coventry) who worked behind the scenes with The Stones and, was hanging out at the hotel with Jimmy when Jon popped MY John giving him a scratched cornea and blow out fracture. Later when he was a little better he heard someone in the bathroom in need of TP so handed him some and when he came out they talked and Bonham apologized and then bought John a drink. The reason he popped him was because John started eating his sandwich and was in his seat. Grant had waved Bonham away and John had asked, "who is this, a rodee?" Kind of funny.... ANyway - have the greatest respect for you guys!!! John ended up auditioning for KISS and didn't get it so we met in UT of all places. Two and a half years when he would quit drinking I married him =) Hope you are all doing well.

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The best band, the best, the best, the best!!!

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I've been a hugh fan of Led Zeppelin's since the early 70's I also had the honor of seeing Zeppelin perform live at the Forum concert. It will always be a wonderful memory

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I have been a fan since I was 12!! just love Led Zeppelin greatest band ever, so glad for this web site can watch the old concert clips. Again no one else compares thry are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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