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Greensboro 1977

srapallo's picture
on May 25, 2010 - 10:51am


Never-before-seen live concert film clips of Led Zeppelin performing "The Song Remains the Same" in Greensboro, NC, May 31, 1977 (John Bonham's 29th birthday). Special thanks to "J.P." for the film. 

Concert info:

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Coliseum (NC) - May 31, 1977
Video Timeline: 


Jamie Rains's picture

I was 15 and this was my first concert!! My brother and his gf to me and five of my friends. It was so loud my hearing was dull the next day. Great time!  

Jimi Kavarnos's picture

I, Jimi Spike Kavarnos, was there with my girlfriend, Amy Andrews, and 2 of her friends. They played for around 3 hours after arriving late. Awsome show.

Eric Brandon's picture

                    Was there Bonhams birthday 


TSauls's picture

Forty years later and I still feel the love and the memories that will last for a lifetime! The music remains the same, preserved.....


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Namdavid windsore's picture

cant believe i found this! my brother mark was just reminding me that we went to that concert in 77flashback!

Mike's picture

Headed to Greensboro about noonish with 5 friends and was at the very front waiting for the doors to open for hours. When they did open there was a massive crush of people and it was all we could do to not get trampled.  We actually saw several people falling and trampled under foot.  When they opened the 3 or 4 doors to let people in, we were all separated.  I found one of my friends and had great seats for the most amazing 3-1/2 hours of music  by the worlds greatest band ever.  

Jimmy Barbee's picture

My 18th birthday to see Led Zeppelin.  A major life milestone never to be forgotten.

Jim Roberts's picture

Thanks for this clip - it brought the whole concert back my to memory.

I wish there was more footage. It was the night before I graduated from high school.

What a great time for me, a drummer, to witness John Bonham's birthday. 

He was simply the best. I'll never forget it. 



Steve's picture

This concert was incredible. I think I teared up from pure joy when JP started TSRTS. It gave me goosebumps I can still feel today.when I watch that clip.Thanks for sharing it.

Donna Osborn's picture

I still have my complete ticket stub from this show....when they opened the doors the people just flooded in...AWESOME

Lou's picture

My first show ever.

Mike(keeno) Keenan's picture

Great time,will never forget.wish I could relive again

Slow's picture

I was a sophomore in high school when I heard the mighty Led Zeppelin was on tour again. I knew I had see them.... I read in Circus or Hit Parader that they were coming as close as Greensboro, so I mailed in a money order and bought three tickets. Two of these were to barter a ride as I didn't think my '68 bug would make the trek. I didn't care if it was a school night either. I told my mom I was going and she understood.

Me and 4 other classmates skipped school early and headed out in Shane's '64 Galaxie 500. It over heated on the way and we had to piss in the radiator to get it back on the road. A NC trooper stopped to ask if we needed assiatance as well, luckily he didn't hassle us.

We made it to Greensboro for the concert and thoroughly enjoyed it. I took some grainy Polaroids before and during the show and bought a T-shirt too. It was awesome! Three plus hours of superb music. Best time EVER!!

I got home about 4:30 a.m. but had to get up for school the next morning, and I didn't even care. I had just seen "the greatest band on Earth" the night before and no one could take that away from me!  My friends and I were the envy of all the cool kids after that trip.   

 photo f386ad43.jpg

Joel's picture

I was at this show.  My last concert before joining the U.S. Army. 

It was my dream to see Led Zeppelin.  AMAZING!!

Brooks's picture

Sick bass sounds on this one!

Wally dangerfield's picture

I still consider this the best concert I have ever been to.

Fernan54's picture

My god...this guys are the best... even now !!! Sorry for Bonzo... otherwise , I'm sure , we see and listen them until now in full concert.!!

BRIAN A DAVIS's picture

What more can u say about LZ but amazingly INCREDIBLY PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

Mark Myrick's picture

I was there!! 12 years old!! Front "mass"....

Scott Merrell's picture

I remember it well. My buddy & I went & bought the tickets, 6 tickets, 9 bucks a piece!!! They were 2 hours late but we didn't care, show rocked. We all bought tee shirts, wish I still had mine, I will have my mom look for it.

Gene Wilkins's picture

The chain-link fence went down. The pressure of people against each other was tremendous. They finally opened the doors for safteys sake. No one was taking tickets. I still have my whole ticket. I was 16 years old and it was fabulous!

Name      Brad's picture

sooooo glad to see this, one of my regrets in life so far, I had the chance, thought they would come around again, many thanks to whoever took the time to video..........I do have a shirt of the '77 tour though

Thomas J Houghton Sr's picture

Words truly just cannot describe this MACHINE of Band,and that band TRULY was the GREATEST of them all "without question"

Hamish's picture

fantastic!god wheres the rest of it?great close up footage too.

Ted's picture

Unbelievable footage! Thanks for sharing!

Michael Cameron's picture

I was there best concert of my life and anybody that I was with would say the same.35 years gone and holding on.

TM Ohio's picture

They played Richfield Coliseum in Ohio also on this tour.
I was in 10th grade and LOVED IT !!
Life Long Zep Fan
Thanks for sharing this !!

Ken B's picture

I was there! Jimmy Page missed the flight to Greensboro from NYC. The show started 2 hours late,but Zep delivered. The show went on till past midnight.
Really hot opening set,great acoustic set and a blistering last set.
We all sang happy birthday to Bonham.
Sadly,it was their last visit of Greensboro. i was among the lucky ones to see them both times they played Greensoro.
Thanks for the great shows guys....and..thanks for getting this vid posted!!

Wayne Bowman's picture

Best concert ever.


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