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Chicago 4.10.77 (8mm film)

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on December 7, 2009 - 2:35pm


8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin performing at the Chicago Stadium, April 10, 1977.

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Chicago Stadium - April 10, 1977
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the video is perfect 

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Okla city ok, 4 3 77, in parking too ill to make it inn, dude all over me, wow missed a great gig...tried to make it a little well under the, so sorry now

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Was at this show.Sat 3rd row. Still have ticket stub.Was at the show the night before,jimmy was messed up and they stopped the show after less than an hour.Zep was the best Live Rock and roll show ever.....

dave mann's picture

my first rock concert ever what a treat to see film footage of it thank you

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I seen this concert, Chicago Stadium - April 10, 1977

It was OUTSTANDING, I also seen page and plant 1998...Zepplin IS the greatest band of all times......

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I was at that Concert April 1977.. Just OUTSTANDING< also seen Page and Plant in in Florida 1998.....GOT TO LOVE THEM!

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I remember this show, the last night of the Chicago leg of the tour. They played for 4 1/2 hours including 5 encores. Amazing

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This was my second rock concert I ever attended. Had great seats and was awestruck by the performance. They played nearly three hours if I'm not mistaken. I still have a snapshot that I took on a 110 pocket instamatic camera. Also this was the lat time that Zep would ever play Chicago.

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WoW! was this ever a great show! Achilles Last Stand was my favorite song at this show, but all selections were excellent. Wish I had an audio of this show because the music & memories are still as sharp as ever for this 19 year old kid frozen in time back at the Stadium in '77. (Wish we had the Allstate arena or United Center back then instead of the rickety old Stadium).

dfmb's picture

yr wrong, it was 5 hours! (I have soundboard tapes and hi-quality video) including 30 min changeover where Mr Jimmy shat his pants then came out as an SS stormtrooper...

they played an Elvis medley in the encore and the entire Physical Graffiti album.


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