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Chicago 1975 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on December 15, 2008 - 8:06am


Rare 8mm film of Led Zeppelin performing in Chicago 1975. 

Is Mobile Content: 
Chicago Stadium - January 21, 1975
Video Timeline: 


Dennis Cingrani's picture

I was at that concert I was an Andy Frain Usher (security) and some girl came up to me when the lights were on during a break with the Tux jacket with the silver glitter lapels that you see Page wearing in this video. She asked me if I could give this jacket to Jimmy, I told her that I couldn't then a roadie that was working right behind me heard her and told me to take the jacket and then I gave it to him and he took it backstage. When the lights came back on and Page came out, HE HAD THE JACKET ON! Most people probably think that the jacket was just part of his wardrobe, but it wasn't, it came from some chick in the audience. COOL!!!!!!! True Story!!!! The good old days!!!!


dan mc 's picture

i live in chicago and have this on tape ive heard a chick in wheaton has a lot more footage from this night sure would be great to see it if this is true

steve's picture

Myself and a friend were both there, what a concert. We had one hell of a time, the people in the stands were all cool & stoned just like me and my friend.

Steve Anderson's picture

I still have my ticket stub from that night, aisle-5, sec.A, row-M, seat-20. Jan. 21.1975. main floor,$8.50. My-My, from what I remember of it, I became an even bigger fan and bought a Fender bass.

matt stollar's picture

much better sound and image quality than the O2 clips

Mike Humble's picture

The mighty Zeppelin, flies again !!!!!!

Peter J. 's picture

Like that jacket Jimmy! I never got it back,hope you liked it! Peter J.

Name's picture

bonzo's matrix is played this vid.
Would like to hear more bonzo

CarolynKern's picture

I was at this show, as a 15 year old kid....
Tell you the truth, and no offence meant, the Sound was a whole lot Better the night of the Show
It was a Fabulous night,
even though we locked the keys in the car...hehehehe
Who knew back then how Important that night would Be?
Cus I never got to see Zep live again

Les's picture

I still have my ticket stub, as well.  Aisle 16, Section V, Row K, Seat 18.  $8.50.  A bargain, considering we paid a whopping $10 for tickets to the concert at the Chicago Stadium two years later, 7 April 1977.

shytown's picture

Hey are you the guy that sold me the purple micro dot in the bathroom?? Just kidding bro! I was there too and you're right, what a show! Those were the days!

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