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Birmingham, AL - 5/18/77

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on April 28, 2008 - 1:32pm

Footage of Led Zeppelin performing: The Song Remains the Same, In My Time of Dying, Kashmir and Rock and Roll. (8mm film).

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Jefferson Memorial Coliseum - May 18, 1977
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Lowell Vincent's picture

It was a wonderful performance.  I never believed I'd get to see Led Zeppelin life but I was able to on this evening.  I know it seems insignificant now but I remember a green triangle of light Jimmy Page stood under that would turn at times when he strummed his guitar.  I know it seems insignificant now but that was the first time I saw laser lights in a performance (assuming of course, it was a laser light).  I could be wrong but I thought they used smoke rather than dry ice, too, which was a surprise. 


I really enjoyed the entire evening, wish I could experience it again. 

Gerald Cobb's picture

I was there with Corie Dodson rocking my ass off. It was the best concert we ever went to. Scalping was so bad there were unused tickets all over the ground as we went in to see them. Killer show, little did we know it would be one of the last times to see John Bonham. Love me some Zep only wished they would have gotten back together with Jason on drums. We will never know what awesome music they could have made together. Zep rules!

Greg's picture

My Dad brought me to that concert for my 10th B'day, Still have the ticket!

Dale Richardson's picture

I was there. I still got my ticket and t-shirt.

Dale Richardson's picture

It was the best concert that I have ever been too. I will never forget it. I was dead center in the front. I threw my hat on stage and Robert picked it up and put it on John Paul's head.

Leigh Ann's picture

I was 16 yrs old and we were standing on the floor.  Ticket was $12.00!

So nostalgic for the days when music had soul and meant something.

Ricky Taylor's picture

I was 14yrs old and a friend of mine called me at the last.minute and said he had tickets to the Zeppelin concert. We Went & It was awsome!!!! Now to see this footage almost 31 years later is unbeliveable, The thing about this footage is I remember it just like that. Page had on that white jumpsuit and I remember they played about 4 hrs... which is unheared of these days. This just made my day too see this...Ricky

Frank Piazza's picture

I was 16 years old & had been to every major B'ham concert since '73 but this one topped them all. The week before,I attended the Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" tour & a few weeks after, I attended the Yes," "Going for the One"tour. As I said at the top "This one topped them all!!

Eddie Culpepper's picture

This was the first rock concert to be held in the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Coliseum when it opened back in 1977.

I remember it was super loud and the acoustics were not very good.

However, everybody loved the show!

ben stockton's picture

Still have my ticket, the first time I ever heard Led Zeppelin was in a room with the speakers way apart and my friend said you have to hear this they played a whole lot of love, I knew at that point that I had been touched by a force that I had never known and it talked to me. Every man had his job and they did it so masterfully. They would just build you up then just tear you down. I began to follow the band only in print and their albums. To me they were just so mistic, they would go away and then cut another album with almost all great songs. This feat is so hard to believe that just a hand full of bands have ever get to the air so rare. I was a witness May 18, 1977, thanks guys for the light and the shade.


Hamish's picture

watchin n listenin to zepp will always give me goose bumps,til the day i die!

Namemarty lowry's picture

my ass was dead front row center for this show, something no one else can say cause there is only one front row center spot. had to camp overnite up against doors and win footrace to get the prized spot. my friend had to camp two nights in row just to get the tickets. i hitch hiked 500 miles from tennessee just to get there. now beat that story

David Elmore's picture

An amazing night! The volume was super loud, the crowd was crazy. I will never forget the drum solo! Page's guitar and again the VOLUME......WOW! Great night!

Rick Wall's picture

The Zepplin concert was at the top of my list of the many concerts I went to. One of the cool things that happened for me was I got a call from my girlfriend a few days prior to the concert. She worked at Hanger one at the Birmingham Airport. She said come and see me during your lunch break today. I said baby I don’t get paid until Friday and I can’t take you to lunch today. She insisted that I come by. Seeing what a hot girl she was and in my mind that perhaps she had something else on her mind besides lunch I thought and told her I would be over in a few minuets. As I drove behind the runway area I saw the big DC9 with the swan song emblem on the tail section and the plane was painted a pinkish color. Being a large Zepplin fan my mouth dropped. I could not believe my eyes. What an extreme rush, to hell with what ever she had on her mind I wanted to see inside that plane. She met me at the gate and had a 110 camera and on board we went. It was cool. The inside of the plane had long shag carpet wine bottles laying around among other things, She explained that the jet was owned by a Las Vegas casino and the band rented the jet to travel from city to city during their 77 tour. We had a ball and at that time in my life was the coolest experience I had encountered. The concert well you just had to be their. If you’re a Zeppelin fan I don’t have to explain anything (You Know) On top of that the concert was general admission and we worked our way all the way to the front by the stage
Just in time to hear black dog. What an experience. Among all the things I have seen and done in my lifetime I can honestly say seeing that plane and the fun that hot chick and I had inside that plane along with one of the best concerts I ever attended the whole event rates in the top 10 coolest things that ever happened in my lifetime. Take care all you Zeppelin fans

Rick Wall Birmingham Alabama

Rufus Ayers's picture

I remember so well what a Great concert that was, Never though I'd get to see a video of it. I was young and we had such a wonderful time. Jean, I still miss you. Brings back memories to an old man. Just bough the song remains the same again tonight, What a Great surprise finding a clip of hte show where I seen them.

Timothy Dowell Morgan's picture

I was sixteen years old and loveing evry bit of it

Nello Montesi's picture

I skipped school and drove from Memphis to the show. What a concert. Plant and Page were in the prime. It reminded me of the live show at Madison Square Garden in 1974. Awesome!!!

Ben Guthrie's picture

I was there at 18 years old. I am 50 now and remember the concert like it was yesterday. It was by far the best concert I ever witnesed.

Jim Motley's picture

I was 18 and got a couple of tickets to go fro $15 bucks each from a buddy of mine who was a DJ at a local radio station. Took my girl at the time left early and got in line for as close to stage stand as possible. In those days general admission was first come best seat. The concert was about 15 minutes late getting started and the natives seem to be getting a little restless but once it started WOW. No warm up band just 4 hours of the best band rock and roll has ever seen.

Now at 50 I would give just about anything to see them again and hope they will tour.

Steve Kuykendall's picture

killer show great crowd

Byram Rollins's picture

I will climb the stairway to heaven as a zeppelin fan... I was there...

Chuck Arthur's picture

I was a senior at Sheffield High School in North Alabama. Me and 3 of my buddies checked out of school that day and drove the 2 1/2 hours to Bham for the show. It was really great. We were all hugh Zep fans at the time. I still have the $8.50 ticket stub, although I think we paid
$50 for the four from a scalper (well worth it) We were the envy of the school after that. A really good show, especially Achilles Last Stand, In My Time of Dying and Stairway. John Bonham was awesome.

michael's picture

just do a dvd of all the lost performances they will be great and u guys will make a tone of money off them next year please if you have footage of all them just make a three dvd case called how the west was won part two cause im sick of a this pirate stuff on you tube 1977 was a great year and 1972 im sure people would love these please thanks your bigest fan

Frank Melfi's picture

....your ass may have been front & center, but there was no rows. Just a floor filled with people. My ass was in the pit in front of you shooting pictures. I was the only person in the pit that reached from one side of the stage to the other. How 'bout those apples!!!

Hamish's picture

totally with you mike,77 my favourite yr,love them all of course!!tsrts beginning,sick again,kashmir(best versions),achilles last stand....3 cd how west was won part 2 great idea!

Name Johnny Stritz's picture

i agree,since it don't look like the mighty zep will ever take to stage again(Thanks to the stubborness of Robert), Jimmy say's part of the zep reunion was to show the younger generation of what the zep concert experience was about to the many who have never got to witness them in concert. So why not release any video that remains so at least the younger generation can get an idea of the zep concert live experience. THERE ARE AT LEAST 5-8 SHOWS ALONE OF THE 1977 TOUR WHICH SHOWED THE LIGHT & SHADE OF ZEP AT THERE FINEST WHICH STILL EXISTS; If Robert is the one stopping this its time for Jimmy to take control as the achitect & leader not for financial reasons but to give the public what they want!!! Led Zeppelin is still to this day 40-years since the start now still the number #1 boot-legged band today in 2008.Led Zeppelin.COM is letting videos out pretty much periodically of zep=live;PLEASE JIMMY LET THE CAMARAS ROLL RELEASE THE LIVE DVD'S:TRULY THE HOLY-GRAIL; DVD YEAR 1977 DETROIT MICHIGAN THE SILVERDOME WORLD RECORD ATTENDENCE 77,000,PEOPLE,4TH NIGHT LANDOVER MARYLAND FILMED,HOUSTON SUMMIT FILMED,NEWYORK 6-NIGHTS OF SOLD OUT SHOW'S SOME FILMED, SAME IN L.A.6-NIGHTS SOLD OUT PROFESSIONALLY FILMED ON THE 3RD NIGHT FOR THE BAND THEMSELVES THURS JUNE 23RD 1977 W/KEITH MOON ON THE ENCORES & THE END OF THE SHOW, SEATTLE KINGDOOM 67,000 PEOPLE SOLD OUT PROFESIONALLY FILMED IS AVAILABLE ON MANY BOOTLEG DVD'S & OAKLAND JULY 23 & 24TH A DAY ON THE GREEN AND LED ZEPPELIN'S LAST EVER CONCERT'S AS A GROUP IN AMERICA AGAIN.THE 2003 LED ZEPPELIN DVD IS THE NUMBER #1 DVD OF ALL TIME AND I PROMISE IF JIMMY AND JONESY LET THE #2 DVD OUT THE RESULTS WOULD BE QUITE SIMIULAR.

eaglebower's picture

loved your story on zep 77 i saw them at the pontiac mi,show 77.waited all nite for tickets to go on sale,was 10 degees and snowing at the silverdome pk lot,was in a van with 8 people when this chick starts chugging vodka and wants to do everybody.made the night go by a lot for the show like you said if you were there you know a zep fan forever.

Hamish's picture

im with you 100%!Jimmy!!sod robert i dont want to go to my death bed without seeing those 77 shows!michigan,new york,L.A,landover,houston!i have recordings of them all and if theres film you must show it!please!!!!!!!show the youth of today what its really all about!

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