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Baton Rouge 5.19.77

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on April 27, 2009 - 3:39pm


8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin in Baton Rouge, May 19th, 1977, including the band's arrival at the airport. (audio synched w/5.22.77)

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LSU Assembly Center - May 19, 1977
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Earl Allen's picture

Thanks for sharing and WOW- what a blast from the past. I was 16 and this was my first concert. It was VERY sold out and my old man forbid me to pay more than the $7.50 face value for a ticket. The only reason I even got to attend was the two month delay. My old man saw that I was so desperate to get a ticket that he talked one of his Barber Bros. co-workers into selling his girlfriend's ticket for $25! In the end, he got "scalped" and I got to go to my 1st concert. And yes, Led Zep is my favorite band of all time.

Justine's picture

I was there - with Jason & Donna. Best concert I have ever seen. 


Scott East 's picture

Best show I have seen.  

LIsa's picture

I was 17 when I saw this concert.  I will never forget it..  Still one of the best I have ever seen..  Saw Robert Plant at the New Orleans Jazz N Heritage Fesitival in New Orleans a few years ago....


Melanie's picture

  Did I see you there?

Debbie B (D)'s picture

Just the best! '75 too!

cindy's picture

I saw them in Houston, Tex. right after this concert. Best band I've ever seen!!


Susan Gautreaux's picture

Thank You for posting this video. I was 18 years old when I attended this concert in Baton Rouge. Seeing this clip brings back alot of good memories!!! Those really were the good days. We had great music and great friends. Music is not the same these days. I still love Zeppelin!

Name's picture

Wow! 77 what a show!! what a band!!

lance indovina's picture

it was my very first concert and i had just turned 12. my sister took my brother and me and i was blown away. the show was incredible. the acoustic set was great as was everything else that night. what a great concert . my ears rang for hours. GET BACK ON TOUR!!!! WERE WAITING

Marion Broussard's picture

I was at the show and it was incredible. Dazed and Cofused was absolutely unbelievable.

Hamish's picture

never seen or heard this one before but looks and sounds like an excellent one live 77 has always been my favourite year,tho i know most wouldnt agree!wish there was more soundboard recordings,they should bring something out from that year.

Trey Merrill's picture

At 14, this was my first concert and as buzzed as I was it would be the beginning of a very long road and career in the music business. Having played drums in the school band since I was 9, I had ceased being interested in the instrument anymore until after seeing John Bonham on this particular evening. I have to admit that at the show I was fairly unfamiliar with most of the music (except Stairway) and confused by their individual names (Jimmy Paul Jones, Robert Bonham, etc.) but it wouldn't take long. For a mere $8.50 these legends played for 3 hours which included an amazing, acoustic set which included standouts Going to California and Bon Y Ar Stomp. Who needs a warm-up band when you're this incredibly talented?

Today, as a 47 year old concert promoter with a degree in Music Business, I can honestly say that this was the show that started the adventure of this lifetime. Jimmy destroyed the stings on his violin bow while ripping on "Dazed and Confused" - standing in thick smoke - underneath a green laser pyramid that spun to the music while rainbow colored lasers shot from a single point behind him and flaired out over his head to the far walls in the upper rear of the LSU (Pete Maravich) Assembly. Meanwhile, the moving lasers you see in this video were bouncing to the music on the ceilings overhead and in a room filled with the sweet smells of mother nature you can only imagine the vibes coming from the entire hall. Robert must have felt it too due to the fact that at a point during the show, the entire band stopped abruptly when a fan threw a joint on stage and Robert bent down to pick it up. He shrugged his shoulders and looked out at the audience as if to say "what's this". He then passed it around the band twice and and yelled "Thank You Baton Rouge" flicking it back out to the audience before kicking back into the song exactly where they left off. In the ensuring years I have seen some GREAT shows including Jimmy Page (Excellent), Robert Plant (4 times/ All Excellent), Page & Plant (Excellent) and The Firm (Disappointing) but nothing compares with this show on May 19, 1977. It was so great that we initially decided to drive the 70 miles to New Orleans if we could still get tickets and see it again with some friends who didn't make it to this Baton Rouge show. Thank God, we didn't. Immediately upon arriving at their New Orleans hotel, Robert received the call that his son Karac had died and the show was canceled. Other than a few European shows, following Knebworth, they never played the US again due to Bonhams untimely death. Long live the great Led Zep. Thank you for whoever shared this video which I never knew existed. Thank you to Led Zep for the memories and especially for the motivation.

Scott Chachere ( Sash )'s picture

Was the 3rd time I saw them in 5 years,first in New Orleans and the rest in Baton Rouge. Great show by a great band !! Long live Zeppelin !!! Rock And Roll

Gary 's picture

I was there on the front wall, 15 feet away. I have seen hundreds of concerts in the past 32 years, but none even come close to this one. Robert I do not care if your voice does not sound the way it did 32 years ago. You are Robert Plant, get out on the road one more time with your two buddies and lets do it. Gary W. Meek

Jim's picture

Great second time seeing Zep. What I remember most, though, is that tickets went on sale sometime back in February or so at the Assembly Center box office. I had worked until 3 in the morning and then drove 150 miles to get tickets. We stood in a cold drizzle for hours waiting in line for those tixs and I wasn't dressed for it, but was Zeppelin and damn well worth it!!

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