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Klub Bongo - September 17, 1968 (Cancelled)

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on September 20, 2007 - 1:11pm
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September 17, 1968

Cancelled show.


Mats's picture

I belive that this show was cancelled.
This club closed sometime in the spring of 1968.

jonas's picture

it took place at folkets park.


Mats's picture

Can you prove that?
I've been trying to find some facts about this a long time now.
I really hope you're right! =)

bjorn's picture

Hasn`t the folkets park closed down for the season so late? If they had played there it would have ben an outdoor arena, I think it would have too cold to play .Any concert flyers or posters would help.

jonas hallberg's picture

look at folketsparks website,
and my classmates friend was there.

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