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Capital Centre - May 30, 1977

  • The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountain side, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock and Roll.
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on September 22, 2007 - 8:18pm
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May 30, 1977
United States

The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountain side, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock and Roll.


The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountain Side, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock and Roll.


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That was back then when concerts were concerts and nobody cared if you lit up a smoke or anything else for that matter. I'm glad I was able to attend and I miss the old days.Everyone's carrying this health kick to extreme.
I was 18 back then at did not appreciate the fact that I was very fortunate to have gotten tickets and attended with my best friends. I don't remember a lot but I do know I had a great time !
At the age of 51, I like Zed Zepplin better than I ever did.

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I also, still have my ticket for this concert !

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I was at this show and took footage with a super 8 movie film. (featured here on

I still have my ticket from the show, the movie on dvd now and the program for the 1977 tour....I am still a die hard Zeppelin fan

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I cant believe we're getting this old. Almost 31 yrs, and it is still as if it was yesterday. I was a 19yr old fom Pa My cousin's lived in Bethesda Md.One day I got a call from my youngest cousin who said he could get tickets from his neighbor,"shoud I get them?" DUH! H ende up getting 8.(at that time you could ge 100 if you wanted).The base price $9.50 with .50 handling fee.Sice it was Memorial day eekend ,my parents ad siblings and I ent to Md to ta at my Aunt's.Myself and 7 of my cousins drove over to Cap. Centre.My cousin Tony and I were the only "smokers" in our group,the rest were a bit younger than us and didnt yet partake.We had nothing to smoke so we excused ourselves fom the res and went on a search and destroy mission.We found some black opiated hash but had nothing to smoke it in. Being inventive we hit the fist bathroom we saw ,went in the stall and put it on a pin we had on a Zep button and just huffed it. Zep on opiated black hash, what could be better?.The show was good. Pagey was a bit sloppy,but with his problems at the time we understood,and he got better as the night went on.The firecracker event was scary.Percy probably still recalls it.He removed his shirt and someone had thrown roses on stage.He promptly stuck them in his pants and posed.It was the day after Bonzo's Bday so everyone sang Happy Bday to him.I remember the drum solo especialy.The platform moved to the center of stage and it was illuminated with lights and smoke .The acoustic set was the finest.Pagey also dis White Summer solo.I will never forget that day as long as I live With the good and bad it was Zep...and I was there!!!

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The first 3 shows sold out in no time and, when they announced the fourth show, myself and a couple of friends hauled ass to the Ticketmaster at Landover Mall and found the line. SCORE...we got tickets. It sold out that day. Remains one of the best shows I've ever seen, and I've seen many. The music, lighting and overall performance was outstanding. I also remember a girl sitting in the row behind me OD'd, and security had to carry out to an ambulance!

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The show was one of the most amazing experiences I can remember. The buzz from the anticipation of a Zeppelin concert began when the tickets went on sale, about two months before the show. It was the subject of all conversation at our high school - Laurel Senior High. I remember seeing many of my classmates at the concert arena, and I'm sure there were a hundred or more from my school that were there.

I remember the firecracker incident that is mentioned in some of the other postings. Our seats were in the nosebleeds, so I didn't see it in the same detail. But I had the impression that the fireworks were set off between songs, rather than during one, and it happened while Robert Plant was welcoming everyone to the show. I also thought that they went off at the opposite end of the arena. I remember Robert Plant saying in a very eloquent manner "Could we do without the fireworks please?", but otherwise didn't think he was angry. Right after that, Jimmy Page began playing the opening of NFBM, and it was mesmorizing.

In all, I seem to remember the show lasting 3 and a half hours. They took the stage about an hour late (9:00 instead of the stated 8:00), and there was no opening band. Moments I recall very clearly: The band taking the stage to The Song Remains the Same, NFBM, watching them do The Battle of Evermore and Going to California on stools seated towards the front of the stage, Kashmir, Achilles Last Stand, and closing with Stairway to Heaven, at the end of which Robert Plant said "Maryland, Good Night". I'll never forget them returning for the encore - Whole Lotta Love and Rock n Roll. They played with incredible energy, eloquence and authority throughout the evening. I enjoyed every minute of the performace, and really soaked it all in. I still remember it with vivid detail.

I have since seen Jimmy Page play with The Firm; Page and Plant together in 1998 at Verizon Center - which also was an exceptional show - they played mostly old Zeppelin tunes from I through IV, with No Quarter and The Wanton Song as well; and Robert Plant with The Strange Sensations. Nothing will ever match the magic of a high schooler seeing Led Zeppelin in their Hey Day.

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35 years later and I find myself thinking back to this time and place, of being there and how much it meant. Such a huge event, seeing a Led Zeppelin concert. All these years later it hasn't diminished...a look through Youtube is a shot of melancholy but actually BEING there.... It's very hard to explain it to those who weren't lucky enough to witness it, for I have tried. This particular moment in time impacted my life...yes I know to some that might sound odd or corny but to us it's real; by God it's downright magical! Different time, different place, vibe, happening....the communal feeling we experienced can never be forgotten. Led Zeppelin were the pied piper, they were our muse in many ways. Their music was the foundation for our very was real, damnit! I don't remember every aspect of the concert itself; the set list, the technique of Jimmy Page's playing that night or exactly how long John Bonham's drum solo was, (it was LONG), but I can tell you how at-home it together everything was, and how intensely meaningful it still remains. Personal highlights were Page's White Summer/Black Mountain Side Danelectro solo then kicking hard into Kashmir; just epic...also, the bluesy jam between Page, Jones & Bonham; 3 quality musicians playing otherworldly during No Quarter. As I look back some of it could be misconstrued as being a bit silly; the violin bow, theremin, crazy guitar effects with Page's poses and flair for the dramatic, but to me it completes the portrait and still...the mystique is intact. had to be there

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Great show just days before I graduated high school.I remember driving from Cambridge to try and get tickets for one of the 3 anounced shows.Suddely on DC!)! they announced tickets for a 4 th show.I floored my Camaro and got to Landover(Largo) in time to snag floor seats.I seemd to remeber the firecracker going off during Nobodys Fault But Mine and a roadie jumping out to make sure Robert was OK.He never missed a beat and just sanf "Nobodys fault but mine"" Of course I may be wrong on the song,too many bong hits ago!

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This was the one time I had the fortune to see Led Zeppelin! My favorite band of all time and my idols since I was a teen. I am now 50. I am entering this at 930 pm est on December 4th 2007. It has been 30 years since I got to see Led Zeppelin. I did get to see Plant and Page on their own later. I am in Rochester NY. I traveled to Landover MD in 77 to see them because that is the only chance I would ever have to get tickets. I called a local radio station (WCMF in Rochester NY) after an announcement that this guy would trade Led Zeppelin tickets for excellant Elvis Presley tickets. You see Elvis was to play in Rochester around the same time and it would be the last time he was ever here. I had no Elvis tickets but took my chances and called the guy. He said he had tickets for Madison Square Garden and would not part with them. After begging and saying I would pay anything to see Led Zeppelin he told me he had 2 tickets behind the stage in DC that he would sell me for $35 each. I met him the next day at the catholic school I attended until grade 8. He pulled up in the parking lot in a yellow corvette and sold me the tickets and took off. I would never see him again but consider him now an angel sent from heaven. I had a friend who I havent seen in over 25 yrs that was to go to the concert with me. We took a Greyhound bus, 12 hr ride to DC against the wishes of our parents. I was 20 yrs old then. When we were blocks from the white house a group of about 5 black youths pulled up to us in a car and told us to give us our money or they would kill us. They drove us to the Capital Centre. I felt it was better to give them the money and did and they dropped us off without incident. Had they found my Zeppelin tickets I had a canopener in my right hand that I planned on sticking in the neck of one of them next to me but they didnt give us trouble. In fact they figured we were there to see Zeppeliin but had no interest in the concert themselves. Little did they realize what the tickets would have been worth. We slept ouside behind a church walking distance from the Cap Centre; The next day, day of the concert we went to a local mall to clean up. My friend luckily had a twenty stuffed in his sock. We met these two girls from Pa in the parking lot and spent the day waiting for the event of a lifetime. One of the girls had a crush on Plant and Ian Anderson of Yes. They had no tickets and I kind of felt sorry for them. We managed to bum a couple of joints, I stuffed one into the embroidered chianti jug replica I had on my shirt and got in after being frisked head to toe undetected. When the lights went out Ill never forget the sight of seeing the four members walk single file onto the stage. After Page hit the first few notes of The Song Remains the Same, some dumb ass through a smoke bomb on stage. It clearly pissed off Robert but they played on. I was scared they wouldl walk off. The concert was incredible. I vividly remember the blue lazor lights during Kashmir. I was behind the stage with speakers facinig us too and in fact we were only 20-25 feet from the band. I could have jumped on the stage I remember and it crossed my mind. Also crossing my mind was having my ass beat and locked up and never getting to see the concert so I chose to be a good boy. I had tried to sneak to other seats during Bonzo's solo but decided against it after finding bounders at every exit. I dont think there was one of them that was less than 300 lbs. Where did they dig up these freakin animals I thought. Went back to my seat and my friend, who I found out later in life had come out of the closet, was smoking hash wiith 2 hot chicks. I paid them no mind as I pinched myself and and said "am I really here?" "Is that really Led Zeppelin 20 feet in front of me?" I said I will remember this for the rest of my life. And here it is 30 years later and Im still here to tell the story.

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The fourth and last night at this venue, this show is one of the best from 1977! Jimmy's playing is amazing, especially in In My Time Of Dying, No Quarter, Achilles Last Stand, and his awesome Stairway To Heaven solo. Ten Years Gone is simply beautiful and epic in scope. Sick Again starts sloppily but after that, this show develops into one of the best from the tour, with each member firing on all cylinders.

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greatest concert i have ever seen

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I can't really add to all the superlatives that have been given. However, my recollection of the firecracker incident is that someone tossed one on stage (or maybe it was a bottle rocket) and it touched off one of the flashpots. I was watching Plant through the binoculars when it happened and the flashpot blew right into his face. I remembered thinking that I finally got to see them and they were going to walk off stage. Off course, they didn't and went on to perform, by far, the greatest show I've ever seen.

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Mine is on this website! Craig W. Stotler!

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Hundreds (maybe 1,000) concerts later and this is still the gold standard. Part of me wishes some of it were not such a blur to me. Seeing the set list and being reminded of the drama around the bottlerocket take me back.

This was quite a night for the group of four 14 & 15 year olds driven by a friends dad to what would become history. There was sneaking all sorts of bad things into the venue, being really high, tequilla for the first time (from a spice jar that was stuffed down my pants), trying to find each other in different seats, etc. All of which distracted from the show but added to the experience. The lasers were new, different and the coolest; little did we know they would eventually become standard fare. The pot smoke haze, now a thing of the past.

I spent most of the time in my seat behind the stage - awesome! But also ventured to my friend's seat (during the drum solo of course) only to be disappointed by his view from the farthest seat from the stage possible. A tradition of missing drum solos started that night and followed me through my Dead phase and beyond.

It is fun to read how many others went to the great show at the Verizon center years later. The "authentic" set gave me goose bumps. The movie "Song Remains the Same still does too in parts.

Has anyone else been this influential, timely and timeless at the same time? Not for me. The list of amazing shows I have attended is long but I guess that is not a surprise having started out like this.

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After listening to 5/30/77 Capital Center again...........
After Sick Again ...Robert asks all the folks lighting fireworks to cool it. We can have a competition to see who is louder us or those cool it.
Then they play ends

"I've heard of magic. That wasn't magical though. It got my blood pressure rising a bit. I've gotten undressed before small parties in the past, but never before 22,000 people. So I think I'm gonna get dressed again."

This was because some asshole shot a bottle rocket that hit Robert's shirt and actually caught it on fire. Robert handled things with more grace then is imaginable.This show DEFINATELY is ONE OF THE BEST shows of the whole 77 tour. It may be the best No Quarter, and Achiles is spot on...especially compared to the train wreck on Bringing Down the House(the first night here)
What a four night run! I do feel so lucky!

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I was at this concert. Most unbelievable performance ever. I still think of it today and I am now 47 years old!!!

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After ALL these years, time to set the Record STRAIGHT! It was Not a bottle rocket or firecracker, it was one of those "Jumbo-Sparklers" that my girlfriend smuggled in up her jacket sleeve. Like all other's there in the '70s, we were TOASTED. She lit the sparkler but being so large, the sparks were getting everyone around us and I told her to get rid of the damn thing! Next thing I know, she had Tossed it!! I watched it go up, the flaming end turn down and right on stage. I thought WTF just as the Yellow-jackets POUNCED on us! They drug us Up the steps, bashing my Big-brothers 35mm camera that was around my neck on the stairs as we went. At the top I offered him a Doobie and Fled as he took it!! Kris and I had swapped shirts etc, and made our way back from other Other side, Took a song or two, and believe it or not the LOCALS cheered-us on our return! They knew no Malice was intended, it was JUST-the-'70s!!! So THERE you go. BIG night in my Memory banks!!! I was 16 then, 53 now and Kris and I spoke about it YESTERDAY!!!!!

I'm going to see Todd Rundgren @ Rams Head OnStage, Annappolis, next month,NO SPARKLERS!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes! That drum solo was LONG! Seriously, was it an hour? I remember people leaving, so my friend and I were able to get closer to the front. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Page introduced, "...and here's John Bonham on guitar!" There was a bottle of Jack on the stage for sure. Epic show!

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I was there that night -- 3rd row -- center. When we sat down the dude beside me had a violin bow with a brass pistol grip type handle on it with Jimmy Page engraved in it. I asked where he got it and he told me that he had been to one of the previous shows and caught it when Page threw it out into the audience -- and he planned to throw it back up on stage during the concert. Well of course I thought thid dude was full of shit -- who would have such a thing and throw it back? Before the concert started -- the band showed up late -- security came and checked this dudes ticket and sure enough took him out claiming the ticket was from a previous nights show. As he was escorted along the stage he threw the bow up on to the stage! I still do not know if it actually belonged to Jimmy Page or not -- but had I known for sure how it was going to go down I would have that one today! 

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 Wow, goose bumps all over. I still can't believe I was there!!

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I still have the ticket.  Section 2, Row J.  Cost: $12.50, and worth every penny.  The rap on Page is that is playing was very sloppy on the '77 tour.  But he was looked and sounded great this night to me.  Still one of my all-time favorite concerts.

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I just checked my ticket stub again. The price was actually $9.50, which at the time was one of the most expensive of all rock concert at the Capital Centre. 

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Which one of you was yelling "Tea for One" in the back?  That was between songs.  A great show even if guitar playing was a little sloppy ........Anyhow, I did see three of them after one of the previous shows at a McDonald's in Annapolis where I was working the graveyard shift......only Robert Plant wasn't there.  

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Amazing show. Still have my tickects, I still have the t-shirt... I can't wear it anymore. I did let my daughter where it to HS a few years ago. I told her to tell people it was an original.

10 years Gone,

Nobody's Fault,

No Quarter,

sharing a bowl with folks around us... it might have been more than one bowl.

acoustic set was magical

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I was there on the 30th. Great show lots of acid.


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was there the best of 4 

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I remember the announcement at the beginning telling us that if there were any firecrackers the show would immediately be ended.The band comes out and no sooner Robert starts to sing a firecracker flew up through the audience. Maybe it was a Roman candle.  It hit him in the hair.  The band immediately walked off.  The lights didn't come up so we waited.  I'm not sure for how long but it seemed like twenty minutes. Then they appeared and hooked back up to play.  I used to remember what Plant said.  It was something along That was __ ____.(can't remember). Now let's rock n roll.  I was sitting on the upper sides the second section from the stage.  They were good seats..

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