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Long Beach 1975

srapallo's picture
on April 28, 2009 - 7:57am


8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin performing live in Long Beach, March 12, 1975.

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Long Beach Arena - March 12, 1975
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Anonymous's picture

I was there and this brings back some very fond memories,the best concert ever.we were sitting over the left wing area.

Kirk's picture

I was at this show too. It was the first live rock concert of my long, rock-n-roll loving life. I was 16 years old then, but still can still remember it...almost like it was yesterday.

garrett's picture

led zepp my gosh you cant watch one video or show without leaving and asking yourself what just happened



Brian's picture

35 years and three days ago this week. Yes, I attended - I was 16 and remember it to this day (not everything mind you - it was 1975) Quite an experience and one I enjoy retelling to my own daughter and others. Still have my ticket stub too. Cost: $7.50, which were top dollar seats at the time. Time flies folks.

Natalie:)'s picture

I love Zed Zeppelin!!!!!!! They are the best band on the planet!!!!

Jill's picture

A truly legendary band with phenomenal other will ever surpass them

Paneeks's picture

This is some f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c f-o-o-t-a-g-e. It always amazes me how these clips of Zeppelin appear on this website after years of not even knowing they existed? We must say "thanks" to all the people who filmed these shows even though the arenas and the band's management were dead set against it. Then again, if nobody took the chance of getting thrown out for filming, there would be no historical documents from the Zeppelin shows such as this one. Keep the videos coming.....

Linda Sue's picture

Will never forget it... I was there.

Eydie's picture

I was there also. Saw them March 10,12,14. Who knew most fans would never see them live.

John Osborne's picture

I was there ~ It was my first rock concert ~ I was in the 10th grade

Alexis von Bretzel's picture

I was at this very show. Well, most of me.

Hal Hylton's picture

Music and rock concerts were great then. I'm glad I was young then then,we knew how to PARTY! My ears were ringing after that concert. I Want to see Led Zeppelin perform again!

Steve S's picture

As I watch the awesome video here, I realize that during Kashmir, Jimmy is playing his Les Paul, not the Danelectro. I'm sure it's not the only time this happened but it's the first time I have ever seen it.

Name's picture

i was there ...did some brown bomb acid!!!

jeffrey gant's picture

i was at this show!!!!! it was the bomb!

Strider's picture

Jimmy didn't start using the Danelectro for "Kashmir" until the 1977 tour. For all the 1975 dates, he used his Les Paul.


Peder's picture

He started to use the Danelectro for Kashmir in 1977.

terry's picture

greatest band ever

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